The End of an Era

Dear Friend,

It is with heartfelt thanks (and just a little trepidation) that I announce my retirement. The success of The Red Barn and the pride and satisfaction I’ve felt throughout my career I owe to loyal customers, like you. It’s been an incredible run and after 56 years, it’s time!

How fortunate am I to have worked in a profession I love, within a community that has supported and inspired me for so many decades. I carry with me warm memories of your friendship and the joy of helping you prepare for some of your milestones: weddings and bar mitzvahs, interviews and anniversaries. From the first blue blazer to the last dinner jacket, you have allowed me to share in many important moments across generations. Thank you.

In preparation for closing The Red Barn, we are motivated to move our substantial inventory of fine quality clothing and accessories in the most current styles. I invite you to come in and find fashion-forward designer pieces at unprecedented savings.

Retirement Sale will run until December 24th and all sales are final. Interested in furniture, lighting, rugs and art? Call 585-586-9409!

These are exciting times! In a few months, Pamela and I will begin a new chapter in our lives. Thank you for welcoming us into yours.

Donald E. Rhoda